Continuing to shine the light on Speak up

Published on 23 Apr 2021

Speaking up is never easy, be it about harassment, a safety wrong-doing, or even to state a view. Practicing active listening to concerns is also a key personal skill set. Management of the put down that comes in some instances where one speaks to express a view only, can in fact constitute harassment. Should the individual with concerns remain silent? The answer is a resounding NO, as talked through in the first session on this topic during the conversation with Kirsten Trott and Catherine Wu on 30th October 2020. This second session will continue the conversation and journey and aims to help attendees better address and tackle the following questions: Having spoken up, what then? What are the likely consequences to follow for the individual who has spoken up? Should there be any consequences? Common pain points and what often goes wrong in practice How to better listen up and create a listen up culture. Through discussion with Kirsten and Kala, we hope to help navigate the complexities involved and increase awareness and help to demystify this very taboo topic of speak up/listen up and how to turn negatives into positives and create opportunities. Some key takeaways for those attending will include: Identify key issues and address challenges/opportunities. Provide some practical solutions to these thorny matters. Raise awareness.