Executive Leadership - Module 3: Leadership with Teams

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    Sep 2 2021





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Course Overview:

Leadership is a skill key role for managers. Learn how to become a more successful leader, improve communication, make better decisions, manage conflict and build a team. Good leaders start with SELF Leadership before taking lead with OTHERS. This program allows you to manage expectations and provides valuable exercises for yourself as an individual providing coaching tools for effective learning and establishing a healthy personal brand as well as lead great teams. Find out how you are fair as a leader currently with our self-assessment tool kits and set goals and timelines to become the better version of yourself. 

3 Moduled Course: SELF, TEAM and OTHERS

  • Keep it Relevant: Everyone learns at a different pace and with different preferences. We all develop most effectively in 5-10° shifts. Our programme experience is designed to be relevant to diverse learning preferences, supported by multi-medium Lucania technology, and always respects demanding schedules.
  • Keep it Simple: Time and again, the simplicity of an idea is what makes it inspiring. Our learning process is designed on neuroscientific principles to ensure a clear focus on one learning goal at a time, embedded through multiple mediums.
  • Keep it Real: We inspire and provoke rather than teach and tell. We create self-awareness in the individual, give them the space for choice and then build their competence and confidence to realise potential. We are nurturing conscious leaders, who thrive from pragmatic, experiential learning that can be adapted immediately to their day-to-day reality. Lucania’s multi-medium learning ensures much of the ‘teach’ happens in preparation micro-videos and interactive exercises, so the coaching sessions focus on personalised experiential learning, through feedback and practice. 

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